Digital strategy workshop

This practical and interactive workshop will look at how to develop a real-world digital strategy for your organisation, considering the four main stages of planning, writing, making it happen and evaluation.

Along the way we’ll ask why you need a digital strategy and how to make it work with your particular environment by looking at your audiences, your content and your organisational goals. We’ll also have some honest case studies from museums similar to yours where we’ll consider the things that have worked as well as things that haven’t…

Who should attend?

If you look after your organisation’s digital presence – whether curator, content editor, volunteer or marketing person – then this workshop is for you.

What will you learn?

You’ll come away with:

  • strategy, policy and other templates which you can adapt for you own needs
  • a better understanding of how to make your existing organisational strategy fit with your digital one
  • an understanding of how to evaluate and adapt your strategy into the future so it can change as the landscape changes

What should you bring?

Please come along with any existing organisational strategies (whether digital or not!) – other than that just bring as many questions, ideas and experiences as you can!